Always Up To Something


Welcome to the AUTS Media page! Here you will find our sponsored media outlets. We plan to have a few podcasts and a playlist of music that will act as the soundtrack to our brand. As of right now enjoy The Bottom Line Podcast until our next project launches!

On July 5th you will find AUTS EP Vol:1 “ its only the beginning” here. This playlist of music will act as our soundtrack for the brand going forward. It features up and coming artists from the North East that we feel represent the brand very well with the way they relentlessly follow their passions. Every artist has a track on here for a reason so please take the time to give each song a listen, you’ll find many artists blend genres in their own unique way. Hope you enjoy our first body of music we are releasing, if you enjoy this expect much more music and digital content right here on the Always Up To Something Media Page!

 The Bottom Line Podcast - hosted by Kyle Brown and Steve Plezia. For those of you who like Music, Sports and Current Events this is the podcast for you! We also have amazing guests ranging from up and coming music artists to comedians and much more!